When I lost the love of my life, I didn’t think I would survive.  I spent years in the depths of despair—numb and lost.  Six years later I have not only survived, but most days I thrive.

During my process of healing I made a shift from trying to outrun my thoughts, emotions and intense sorrow, to learning to be still, honoring my journey and seeking peace through the awareness of  simplicitude.

I am passionate about learning about the emotional healing process and sharing it with others. I mentor those who are looking for purpose and meaning, as well as those dealing with adversity and loss. I hold workshops and retreats for women, creating a safe place to heal, create and connect with others. I am certified in Heart Centered Therapy and as a Soul Restoration Instructor.  I have studied and become a master in several healing modalities that have opened in me a deeper ability to connect with myself and others. I find great joy in facilitating a shift in perspective and helping women rewrite their stories and honor their journey.  

I love digging in the dirt, capturing moments, creating chaos...then order, wandering, hiking, reading, writing, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding,  and most of all I love my amazing family…especially my sweet angel!

~Kristen Hansen