The word Simplicitude came to me one day

as I was trying to put a word to what

I was desperately seeking in my life.

My quest for peace was elusive.

As the word emerged, I realized that life is not about

achieving resolution or a final peace, as much as learning

to be comfortable in uncertainty, embracing

the dance between the opposing forces of our lives

finding our balance, our courage, and our way to navigate

through the conflict, the chaos, and the complicated.

It's about going in... engaging in the struggle...

being present...discovering the meaning...

and seeking and seeing new possibilities.

Our life journey may often feel more like a childhood

game of teeter-totter, than a level, navigable path, yet I

believe as we seek and savor simplicitude, a natural

balance occurs, an understanding and honoring of what

is, balanced by the hope of what can be.